Causes and Effects of the Air France 447 Crash

Air France Flight 447 was an international, long-haul passenger flight, from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. On 1st June 2009 the aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing everybody on board. The aircraft is thought to have crashed due to temporary inconsistencies between airspeed measurements, caused by the aircraft’s pitot tubes being blocked by ice … Read More»

Factors Affecting Air Transport Industry Communication

Air Transport Industry Communication There are many factors which affect communication within individual air transport companies and other organisations they interface to in the course of normal business operations. In many cases, the only common contact point for the great numbers of staff working within the industry is the airport which they work in. Even … Read More»

Aviation Safety Strategies at Airports

Aviation Safety Strategies at Airports within the United Arab Emirates One of the major issues that is relevant directly to airports, their management and operations is that of safety. It is the one area of the airport business that bound to cause concern to all of the business stakeholders, which includes airline operators, employees and the … Read More»

Alitalia Airlines: Financial Crisis Management

Crisis survival for Alitalia: Strategy re-evaluation for its continuous viability in the medium and long term. Contents (Jump to) Introduction Alitalia Management Re-focusing Alitalia Recovery Conclusion Bibliography Introduction Based out of Rome, Alitalia is the national airline of Italy which was founded on 16 September 1946 under the name ‘Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali’ and is known as ‘Linee … Read More»

Emergency Response to American Airlines Flight 587 Crash

Abstract Although the probability of an aircraft accident is the minimum, its effects can be catastrophic. The crash of flight 587 in 2001 was a tragic incident that left all the passengers and crewmembers dead. Flight 587 had just left the John F. Kennedy Airport when some of its parts burst into flames about three … Read More»

Facilities Layout Applied in the General Aviation Airport Planning Industry

Facilities Layout Applied in the General Aviation Airport Planning Industry     Abstract   Purpose: This paper discusses how facilities layouts can further aid to improve airport planning within the general aviation industry. A well-designed airport allows for easier travel for individuals as well as faster travel. This creates a more holistic and user-friendly customer service … Read More»

Effects of Perception, Attention and Arousal on Aviation Incidents

How might our understanding of perception, different categories of attention, and arousal help us understand common causes of aviation incidents? Introduction Human error plays a pivotal role in aviation incidents, it accounts for over 70 percent of aircrafts damaged beyond economic repair. Within the Human Information Processing (HIP) system perception, attention and arousal (P.A.A) all … Read More»

Analysis of UAV Manoeuvrability

Table of contents Introduction 1. Literature review History 2. Designs and configurations Conventional Unconventional 3. Aerostatic Principles 4. Lifting Gases Similar projects Aerodynamics and Stability 5. Manufacturing and materials Conclusion References List of figures Figure 1‑1: Pilatre de Rozier crossing the English Channel. (Pozdravish , 2011) Figure 1‑2: Hindenburg disaster. (Syon G., Time, 2017) Figure 2‑1: Traditional airship configurations. (Khoury … Read More»

Supply Chain Management of Aerospace

Supply Chain Management of Aerospace Supply chain is a crucial part of any business involved in sales of some kind. Aircraft manufacturing is no different to that. Without supply chain a business is simply unable to operate. Airbus and Boeing are the leading aircraft manufacturers in the aviation along with Boeing. Industry demand has led … Read More»

Approaches to Aviation Safety Management

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Predictive, Proactive and Reactive Approaches to Aviation Safety Management Introduction Safety management in aviation is not a new 21st century topic. In the past aviation safety improvement was characterized by a fly-crash-fix-fly approach. We found fly airplanes that have the occasional unfortunate crash and we would investigate the cause(s) to prevent … Read More»

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