Banking Structures and Regulation in the UK

Part 1 Bank Structure and Regulation in the UK The uk’s banking system falls into the “restricted universal” category because banks are discouraged from owning commercial concerns. It is made up of: commercial banks consisting of the “big bang” uk banks, HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation), the Royal Bank of Scotland group, HBOS … Read More»

Delivering Banking Facilities for the Disabled

Healthy Banking: The way towards increased financial inclusion Contents Abstract Introduction Recommendations A. Sight Impaired B. Hearing loss C. Physical disabilities Conclusion References Abstract The Bank of Mauritius’ initiative ‘Banking Your Future’ to promote a fair and inclusive banking sector has been launched in June 2014 to investigate the 100 possible ways in which the banking … Read More»

Allied Irish Bank SWOT Analysis and Strategic Evaluation

Allied Irish Bank performed the Market Entry Strategy to expand their business size. Stated below is the brief of their strategic evaluation in the aspect of suitability feasibility & acceptable. Suitability – Build on/exploit strengths In the late 1990s and early/mid-2000s, and capitalized on the buoyant housing market, booming business banking profits and much lower … Read More»

State Bank of Patiala Analysis

State Bank of Patiala is a public sector bank in India with its headquarters at Patiala, a city in the state of Punjab. The bank is an associate of the State Bank Group and offers core banking solutions to its customers. State Bank of Patiala (SBP) was established in 1917 by the king of the then … Read More»

E-Governance in Indian Banks: ICICI Bank

Before the start of my second year of PGDBM, I got an opportunity to have a corporate exposure at ICICI regional bank. In addition to this exposure, it also allowed to implement some of our course learning to real business world situations. My internship with ICICI regional bank started on 28th June and extended till … Read More»

Effects of Consumer Switching Costs

The assumption about switching cost is rather natural to the extent that borrowers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction about a bank can be different according to individual preference to banks’ services and borrowers can measure them exactly only after having the relationship. Switching costs may capture direct cost of closing an account with one bank and opening … Read More»

UK Interest Rates During the Financial Crash

Central banks always have responsibility to keep a stable economy which includes stable prices, low inflation rate and confidence in the local economy. The main tool used by central banks for these propose is monetary policy which will influence the interest rate, and the way of conduct it varies from country to country. This essay … Read More»

Barclays Bank Total Quality Management (TQM)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Banks believe that they are in the finance industry, and not in the service industry. Thus they tend to compete in terms of financial prowess rather than service quality. People, resources, time, and systems are devoted more to managing assets and cash rather than managing customers and service. In fact most bank systems … Read More»

Transparency in Central Banks: An Analysis

Introduction The origin of central banking system can be traced back to 1694 when the Bank of England came into being as the first ever central bank. The bank was established to help King William III out of his government’s financial crisis but it did not behave as a lender of last resort until much … Read More»

Banking Sector Fragility Causes

Discuss factors which have decisively contributed to the fragility of the contemporary banking sectors, as revealed in the form of the recent global financial crisis. Prepared by: Ivan Gnatiuk 37193 Artem Zaiets 36981 Mark Pohodin 37141   Introduction Firstly, crisis was originally started in US where it was a result of provided social policy. In … Read More»

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