Reflection on Antenatal Care in a Low Risk Pregnancy

TRADITIONAL SKILLS IN MIDWIFERY: ABDOMINAL PALPATION The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on the learning gained from a clinical experience regarding an aspect of antenatal care in a low risk pregnancy. The reflection per se will follow the structure of Gibbs reflective Cycle and the topic chosen is abdominal palpation. The Nursing and … Read More»

Single Peer-Reviewed Research Article Critique

Single Peer-Reviewed Research Article Critique Relevant to Advanced Nursing Practice This research was carried out by 3 researchers who have experience in conducting research studies based on their level of qualification. Rona Parker is a registered nurse RN with a Masters Degree in Education and a PhD who presently work as an Assistant Dean and … Read More»

Nursing Care Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease

In this essay, I will focus my discussion on one problem, the type of nursing model used and the intervention given to a patient during my nursing placement. Also, I will briefly describe the pathophysiology of the patient’s diagnosis. However, I will ensure absolute confidentiality of the patient according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council … Read More»

Reimbursement Gap Between Nurse Practitioners and Physicians

Reimbursement Gap Many political and regulatory issues continue to plague nurse practitioners and their ability to practice autonomously. An issue that remains today is that of a reimbursement gap from third-party payers/insurance companies. Currently, fee-for-service structures and reimbursement systems are based on a provider’s discipline of preparation and not the care provided. These structures drive … Read More»

Role Development of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

Role Development of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) Introduction Roles for nurses continue to evolve as nurses find a way to satisfy the growing and expanding needs of a wide range of patients and communities throughout our population. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) are taking increasing clinical responsibilities when providing mental health care … Read More»

Nursing Theory for Music Therapy Quality Improvement Program

Theoretical Framework The use of theories, models and frameworks are crucial in any implementation project. They aim to describe or guide the process of translating the research into practice, explain what influences implementation outcomes and evaluate implementation. According to the definition, theoretical framework provides a general representation of relationships between things in a given phenomenon. … Read More»

Holistic Assessment and Management Strategies of Diabetes

This essay will focus on a patient referred to District Nursing (DN) Service via the Trust’s Triage Central Booking Service. Patient was referred for the management and support of Blood sugar monitoring and Insulin administration. The essay will be structured under the following sub-headings of introduction dealing with Patient’s demographic and morbidity The core of … Read More»

Clinical Reasoning Cycle Case Study

This case study will demonstrate the care of MS. Melody by the nursing staff using the clinical reasoning cycle, to respond to her unstable clinical manifestation and ensure that there is a positive outcome for her as a patient, during her hospitalization in the surgical ward (Levett-Jones, 2013). Consider patient situation. Ms.Melody is a 36-year … Read More»

Understanding Evidence Based Nursing Practice

Course Unit: Understanding Evidence Based Nursing Practice Section 1: Nursing research is a systematic inquiry aimed at developing trustworthy evidence to create rationale for evidence-based practice (EBP); EBP is using the best evidence to make patient-care decisions and underpins nursing practice (Polit and Beck, 2018).  In order to deliver high-quality care in an ever-changing society, … Read More»

Communication with a Disability of Muscular Dystrophy

Communication with a Disability of Muscular Dystrophy Muscular dystrophy diseases cause weakness and degeneration of muscles. Many people know muscular dystrophy as a singular disease rather than a category of disease that contains group of diseases. There are multiple forms of Muscular Dystrophies (MD) such as Becker MD, congenital MD, Duchenne MD, limb-girdle MD, facioscapulohumeral … Read More»

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