Is Nietzschean Genealogy an Effective Form of Critique?

What is Nietzschean genealogy? Is it an effective form of critique? Nietzschean genealogy is novel because, unlike methods employed by other moral philosophers, it does not try to present an argument in defence of morality. For instance, John Stuart Mill claims that morality is justified on utilitarian grounds, whilst, for Immanuel Kant, moral values are the … Read More»

Love and Desire in Phaedrus

Essay One Phaedrus What is love and desire? These two words, as simple as they may seem are very complicated. They are two ideas or concepts that to each person have a different meaning and effect on people. Although complicated to understand, Socrates gives a very good example of what love and desire is. In … Read More»

Postmodernist and Poststructuralist Views of Reality in Literature and Culture

In what ways do postmodernists and poststructuralists complicate our understanding of ‘reality’ and its representation in literature and culture? Although the lexis ‘culture’ retains many definitions, Thomas Stearns Eliot within Notes towards a Definition of Culture (1948) argues that the progression of culture must be natural and cannot be consciously influenced. He says ‘[f]or if any definite … Read More»

Kant’s Unconditioned Antinomies

Kant’s Unconditioned Antinomies Many decisions we come to are because of our sense of morality. Within our reasons, there is our conscience guiding us to make the most morally correct decision. Kant focuses on the limits of reason. To prove his arguments, Kant provides antinomies describing the thesis of the situation, and then the antithesis … Read More»

Plato Republic: Socrates on Justice in the Soul

Plato Republic: Socrates on Justice in the Soul In the book Plato’s Republic, Socrates, who is the narrator of the book, argues and comes to a conclusion (in Book Four) that being a just person is desirable in itself and profitable for the individual. However, before Socrates can come to this conclusion of being a just … Read More»

Arguments For and Against Animalism

What is animalism? State and expound (what you take to be) the strongest argument in its favor. Under the metaphysical sphere of personal identity, which concerns questions such as “what are we,” animalism is a dominant position in the anti-Lockean tradition, holding that the persistence conditions of persons are biological rather than psychological. By ‘psychological’ … Read More»

Theories on the Existence of Personal Identity

Through the years, philosophers have contemplated human existence and debated on controversial issues. An example of this is ideas that deal with the mind and body. Some believe the two are separate entities entirely while others believe they are the same. Based off of these thoughts, an idea of one’s self is generated. However, before … Read More»

Can an Object Persist and Change Through Time?

Is there a Contradiction in supposing that Ordinary Objects both Persist through Time and Change over Time? Consider a wooden chair, in a sitting room. It is birch, with curved panelling and spindled legs. But say you leave the room for ten minutes and the chair cracks; is the chair the same when I return, or is it a … Read More»

Scientific Realism as an Intepretation of Science

Introduction in philosophy the debate on science is to what extent we need to discover the truths. This debate on the extent of the truth that is required to be discovered is more important when it comes to theoretical scientific theories especially theoretical physics. this part of physics which is defined recently couldn’t be seen … Read More»

Descarte’s Theories on True Beliefs

For Descartes, the Meditations sought to establish a foundation upon which one can deduce as to whether beliefs they hold are actually true or not, as opposed to a delusion of the senses or a dream, through the refinement process on the discourse of his method of scepticism. Perhaps best analysed through his analogy of … Read More»

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