Laboratory Experiment on Venturi Meter and Orifice Meter

Venturi & Orifice Meter INTRODUCTION As we learned in the Impact Jet lab, the speed of a moving jet of water is proportional to the water’s velocity.  This is evident in a turbine flow meter, where the impact force of the water on the blades sets the rotor in motion.  Once there is a steady … Read More»

Comparison of Different Turbulent Models for Backward-facing Step Flow

Comparison of Different Turbulent Models for Backward -facing Step Flow Abstract A comparison of different turbulence model for flow over a backward facing Step is presented. A Reynolds number of 36,00 and an averaged velocity of 41.7 m/s was considered. The result was compared with data by Driver and Seegmiller.  The purpose of this paper … Read More»

The Quantum Hall Effect

THE QUANTUM HALL EFFECT Abstract The Quantum Hall effect (QHE) is the observation of the Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron gas system (2DEG) such as graphene and MOSFETs. It represents good example of physical systems where quantization effect could be observed microscopically as a result of the interplay of the topology, interactions of electron … Read More»

History of Modern Cosmology and the Rise of the Big Bang Model

History of modern cosmology/ Rise of the Big Bang Model: Soon after Einstein had formulated the general theory of relativity, in 1917 he postulated that the universe is homogenous, isotropic, static, with a constant mean mass density and curvature of space. However, this model was not permitted by his field equations as they suggested that … Read More»

Physics of a Total Artificial Heart (TAH)

A Change of Heart     Abstract   The essential part of the circulatory system is the heart. In other words, any organism cannot live without this organ properly functioning. The duties and mechanisms of these functions must be performed correctly or else there could be potential serious consequences to the rest of the body. … Read More»

Optimal Angles of Projectile Motion

Optimal Angles of Projectile Motion What is the optimal angle of a projectile from a given height? Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Brief History of the Problem 1.2 Deriving the Equations of Motion 2. Initial Problem 3. Developing the answer 4.      Developing the Final Solution Conclusion Bibliography 1.    Introduction Projectile motion is the motion experienced by a particle or object … Read More»

Maximum Power Point Tracking Circuit Driven by an Arduino

Progress Report   MPPT circuit driven by an Arduino                         1.ABSTRACT: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) are electronic devices that  Engineers are designing, making and improving to get the maximum power out of solar panels at various  condition. 2.INTRODUCTION: As we all know, most … Read More»

Do the Laws of Physics Lie?

Do the Laws of Physics Lie? Cartwright (1983) claims that the laws of Physics lie. There is causal power of things and specific interpretation of objects, which make the author reconsider the basic concepts of physics. First, the core idea of Cartwright is to underline the main goal of physics or the description of things … Read More»

Synthesis Techniques for Fabrication of Nanofibers

Chapter # 02 Synthesis Techniques Introduction The different synthesis techniques for fabrication of nanofibers and nanoparticles will be discussed briefly in this chapter. The selected techniques and the experimental procedure for the synthesis of the nanoparticles and composite nanofibers will be discussed in detail. Synthesis Techniques for Nanoparticles Synthesis method being used for the preparation … Read More»

History of Atomic Theory

The atomic theory is developed since 2000 years ago the Greek philosopher Democritus proposed that there was a limit to how small one could be divide matter, this smallest matter indivisible particle was called “atom”. However this atomic theory of Democritus was criticized by Aristotle who proposed a model based on four basic “elements” of … Read More»

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