Comparison of Government Types

When it comes to liberty provided by government it can be experienced or eliminated entirely based on the type of government a country exhibits. Some offer no liberty while others offer the ultimate in liberty or a spectrum of everything in between. Some governments offer the opportunity to trade in their current oppressive circumstances for … Read More»

The New NFL National Anthem Policy Simulation

OH SAY CAN YOU SEE (Background) Over two years ago, a San Franscisco 49ers quarterback named Colin Kaepernick protested social injustice by sitting on the bench during the rendition of the national anthem while many of his teammates and football fans stood. In a post interview, he told reporters that he would not stand for … Read More»

Changes to the Conservative Party Ideology: Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May

Explain how and why the ideology and main policies of the Conservative Party have changed under successive leaders from Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May Introduction With the exception of a thirteen year period straddling the Millennium, the Conservative Party has dominated the British political system for the past forty years, bringing about shifts in the state, … Read More»

Female Representation in US Government

This paper goes for investigating the way that women have strolled after amid the previous hundreds of years and how it has created. Especially the paper investigates womens’ rights in setting to the American government. “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good,” said Charlotte Whitton … Read More»

Ronald Reagan’s Administration Policies

Ronald Reagan during 1981-1989 Introduction Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as the 40th president of the United States on January 20 1981. He assumed office after a landslide victory against then President Jimmy Carter and stayed in office up to January 20, 1989. Regarding the conservative shift in American politics that was a loss of confidence in … Read More»

Changes in Political Character of States

Does the international system become ‘flatter’ or more ‘uneven’ as a result of change? Critically assess this question focusing on two of the following four areas of change: the political character of states; economic growth; the spread of networks; revolutions. The thesis of this essay is that change is producing an international system increasingly characterised … Read More»

United Kingdom’s European Withdrawal Agreement Bill Challenges

The United Kingdom’s European Withdrawal Agreement Bill, also known as Brexit, was a public vote that had culminated after about half a century of tension between Britain and the European Union (EU)(Pruitt). Brexit will officially remove the United Kingdom(UK) from the EU leaving it as an independent nation. Many different factors led to the passing … Read More»

Centralization and Decentralization Advantages and Disadvantages

  Centralization v/s Decentralization     Abstract   The report analysis the benefits and disadvantages of both centralization and decentralization those are two styles of structure that can be determined inside the corporation , government, control or even in purchasing. Weather the corporation is centralized or decentralized substantially depends on the place of choice-making authority … Read More»

Causes of the EU Democracy and Legitimacy Crisis

Discuss the extent to which recent crises might have amplified the EU’s problems with democracy and legitimacy. European integration has always been motivated by the ideals of an “ever closer union” culminating in the European polity envisioned by its founders, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, and Alcide De Gaspari[1] or by the idea of that the union … Read More»

Marxist Theories of Hegemony: Analysis of International Politics

5. How do Marxian theories conceive of hegemony and how does this affect their analysis of international politics? The word hegemony is derived from the Greek word hēgemonia, a synonym of leadership. Since the nineteenth century, its use has become widespread, mainly, among others, in the fields of philosophy, anthropology, social and political sciences, cultural … Read More»

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