Reflection on Inclusive Learning Environments

During the weeks of 3 and 4, from the semester start date, I had the opportunity to interview two amazing professionals within the education setting. Both women taught and showed me that it is important to find ways to ensure that the students learn how to function and respect others in a class that has … Read More»

ADP7116 Microteaching Session Plan: International students & assessment

Aims:  The session aims to introduce students to current issues in river assessment methods and explore turbulence as practical and effective solution to link fluvial processes with aquatic biota. Intended learning outcomes:   By the end of the session, students will be able to: Understand the current issues in assessing hydromorphological condition of rivers; Understand the … Read More»

Application of Behaviour Analysis to Effective Teaching

“Describe and critically evaluate the application of behaviour analysis to effective teaching, using practice examples.”   Abstract: The purpose of this essay is to discuss the workings of applied behaviour analysis within education. Before researching ABA, I had no real understanding or knowledge of the use and practice of this. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions and … Read More»

Reflection on Teaching Icdent

Part one This section outlines a critical incident which occurred during Autumn term 2018. Background A child in my class had behavioural issues which I was struggling to manage. When I spoke to the head teacher to get some advice, I was told to observe a senior member of staff who he felt had the … Read More»

Reflection on Professional Practice Development in the Classroom

With reference to what you have learnt through academic reading on behaviour management, observations of colleagues and reflection on your own teaching, critically evaluate your own professional practice and your ability to ensure that all pupils make good progress in your lessons. Problematic student behaviour in the classroom can be a leading cause of stress … Read More»

Curriculum Analysis: STEMscopes curriculum

Curriculum Analysis Effective curriculum is the backbone of any effective school instructional policy. In order for administrators to properly assess and gauge the effectiveness of any specific curriculum, it is important for administrators to have dialog with the educators that will be implementing the curriculum. The book Curriculum Leadership: Readings for Developing Quality Educational Programs provides evidence … Read More»

The Teacher I Aspire to Be

Assignment 1: Part A ‘The Teacher I Aspire to Be’ I aspire to be supportive, encouraging and fair. These are beliefs I have experienced myself during the time I was a student, as well as witnessing first hand from an adult perspective whilst working in a primary school in London, UK. I have fond memories … Read More»

Good Practice in Teaching Literacy

Midterm Discuss different definitions of literacy and how you can define “literacy” in your own teaching context. It is important to know the students background to understand how outside forces can affect a student’s literacy development. Identify “the essentials” of early literacy instruction. What is important in teaching and learning early literacy skills? How would … Read More»

PGCE Reflective Report: Professional Values and Practice

Online PGCE Reflective Report Professional Values and Practice   Contents Introduction Pen Portrait (part 1) Policy Analysis (part 2) Case Study (part 3) Sharing good Practice (part 4) Conclusion References Appendices Introduction This report is divided in four parts, the first part summarises my professional journey so far and provides a brief outline of my … Read More»

Issues Related to Behaviour Management in the Classroom

Critically Reflect on the Issues Related to Behaviour Management in the Classroom, Linking this to Theory and Practice. Major issues with behaviour management are typically associated either with positive or negative behaviour. “When dealing with behaviour incidents in the classroom, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture; that is the other 95% of … Read More»

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