3D Printed Guns in the Modern World

This paper covers three dimensional (3D) printing, originally created as additive manufacturing, specifically about downloadable weapon blueprints that can be printed on private machines that any individual consumer can buy. The issues of current and future legislature, security threats, and the dangers and non-dangers of the weapons for both the user and the public will … Read More»

3-D Printing Innovations: Bio Tech and Aeronautics Parts

“What’s almost 40 years old but looks brand new? Believe it or not, it’s 3-D printing and its innovations. Yep, additive manufacturing technology has been around since the Reagan era” (Goldberg, 2018). Building one layer over the other to form a physical 3-D objects is the basic concept of the 3-D printing and its innovations. … Read More»

Virtual 3D Thermal Human Modelling

In recent years, with the revolutionary changes and remarkable innovations on functional and intelligent materials, a growing trend on functional and smart wearable products have been introduced and accepted by the market. Clothing is one of the most common branches. For some fit or tight fit functional clothing, more design elements on human anatomy, physiology, … Read More»

Accessibility and The Ever-Changing Technology in Education

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   ACCESSIBILITY AND THE EVER-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION Accessibility and technology are issues that are affecting how the instructors prepare and teach their lesson in the classroom. Technology is continually changing in the classroom giving teachers more ways to present their lessons. Technology makes it easier for instructors to provide more options … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blocktain Technology

What is Blockchain? In 2017, a new form of currency and heated topic came to light, Bitcoin. Soon after its emergence, Bitcoin turned into the most invested in and discussed topic. It was considered to be a future form of digital currency. Investors and debaters understood the basics of how Bitcoin operated, however, the system … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality The technology of virtual reality was popping up to the public recent years; it promotes rapidly and gradually permeates people’s lives. Virtual reality is a technology that can imitate reality. When people put the VR glasses on, they can be placed in any scenes that seem real. The high realistic scenes bring magic … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Abstract: Virtual Reality has made tremendous strides over the past centuries. From an innovative thought that was coined unrealistic in the past, is presently progressively developing and being executed into our lives. The thought behind Virtual Reality or “VR” is to completely immerse an individual into a computer-simulated environment in which they can interact and … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology

Introduction: Nowadays, computer technology is used in a variety of different ways for everyday life. This has become every body’s necessity whether they realise it or not. Everybody is using technology to some degree, let it be by setting an alarm clock or using a computerised self driving car. In everyday life, technology is used … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Today

Chirag Patel The world has come very far with respect to technology. In reality, technology, social media, and smart phones have breached the mainstay in our everyday lives in a short period of time. Gone are the days of cassette and VHS tapes. Gone are the days of typewriters and cursive handwriting. Those outdated technologies … Read More»

Airport Tracking Device for Blind and Partially Sighted

Expanding ambient technologies for blind and partially sighted people has rapidly grown over the last few years, enabling people to become more independent in their daily lives. Ambient intelligence is already becoming commonplace in the environment through the widespread use of computing, mobile devices, and information appliances, thereby increasing the ease of communication “between individuals, … Read More»

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