Uses of Technology to Connect Older Generations

Uses of Technology to Connect Older Generations Introduction There are two research articles Can Digital Technology Enhance Social Connectedness Among Older Adults? A Feasibility Study (see abstract in Box 1) and Impact of Internet Use on Loneliness and Contact with Others Among Older Adults: Cross-Sectional Analysis (see abtract in Box 2) have been chosen for this comparative review. After … Read More»

How Does Technology Define Us as Individual and Society?

How does technology define us as individual and society?   Social media, also known as social networking sites, are a group of international-based applications such as live chat applications, photo-sharing platforms, video sharing platforms, and micro-blogs and so on. Since social media technology were developed in the 1990s, it has undergone rapid development with the … Read More»

Identity Theft and Social Media

Identity Theft and Social Media Social media has become a prevalent entity in society today. Thousands of people check into social media sites daily. According to Safko, “The big three social networks are Facebook, with over 800 million members; Twitter, with over 200 million members; and LinkedIn, with 120 million users” (2012, p. 30 – … Read More»

DADSS Sensor System to Reduce Car Accidents

Candidate Solutions Section: What is it for? The objective of DADSS was to save people’s lives from drunk driving related accidents and deaths. These DADSS sensors work by the detection of human breath, sweat, and from the enlargement of human eye pupil (Cornea). This will be a challenging project for automobile companies to accurately design … Read More»

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Job Industry in the Future?

How will Artificial Intelligence affect the job industry in the future?               Research Question : To what extent will the advancement of artificial intelligence in the next 50 years affect jobs of varying complexity?       Subject: Computer Science       Contents:   Introduction…………………………………………………………….……Page 2 How jobs … Read More»

Disturbing Trends in Technology

Top Trends Working in the Information Technology (IT) industry, I have noticed the increase of trends developing over a short period of time. There are amazing and innovative trends, but there are malicious and downright evil trends as well. The trends I will be discussing are: the pressure to move from the data server to … Read More»

Effects of the Internet on the Digital Divide

Discuss the effects of the Internet on the digital divide In the modern digital age, the vast number of people who are either exposed to or making use of the internet increases by hundreds of people every second. Even countries that were once viewed as greatly less technologically advanced are making leaps and bounds in … Read More»

Development of Smart Projector

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1             Problem Summary and Introduction Our institute owns 3 ordinary projectors (Projectors with no Wi-Fi) and whenever professors require it, they have to book place and time by manually going to Admin and writing down the details. The day the professor gets his/her hands on the projector, it takes about 15-20 minutes just … Read More»

Steve Jobs’ Technology Developments

Steve Jobs Apple had fired Jobs and started going slow so improvements had to be made. Jobs was rehired and improvements had been done. Apple’s sales went up and became one of the highest technology companies. Steve Jobs only developed his interests in technology. Jobs had moved to Los Atlos where he had met a … Read More»

Video Game Industry: The Colossus of Modern-Day Entertainment

Video Game Industry: The Colossus of Modern-Day Entertainment The video game industry is one of the leading entertainment industries today. Video games can be played on many different platforms. For example, video games are played on PC computers, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Each one of these platforms have a significant … Read More»

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