Influencer Marketing Strategies and Results

Essay on Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is a concept of hiring a social celebrity or individuals with a wider fan following to promote products and services which helps in winning consumer trust, especially when compared with traditional online ads. “The process of building relationships with individuals who have influence over a target audience of buyers” … Read More»

Panera Bread Marketing Plan

Assignment #1:  Marketing Plan – Panera Bread Executive Summary: Panera Bread is planning to initiate a new strategy to appeal to its customers by utilizing technology to personalize their customers’ experience and increase relevance in a competitive market.  Panera is a successful leader in the market of fast, casual dining experiences because of its emphasis … Read More»

Fendi Spring/Summer 2019 Marketing Plan

FENDI SPRING/SUMMER   2019 MARKETING PLAN (Google,, 2018) INTRODUCTION This marketing communications plan initiates a promotional campaign for Fendi of Spring/Summer 2019 and targets a new younger demographic, ages 18-34. The plan focuses on Fendi’s competitor activity in order to compare strengths and weaknesses of the brands. The plan also investigates the movements of Fendi’s target … Read More»

Diet Coke Customer Target Market Analysis Report

CUSTOMER TARGET MARKET ANALYSIS REPORT Contents 1. Abstract 2. Customer Target Market Analysis 3. Product Description 4. Target Market Profile 4.1 Demographical Characteristics 4.2 Psychographic Characteristics 4.3 Behavioural Characteristic 4.4 Geographical Distribution References 1. Abstract   Diet Coke is the variant of Coca Cola that is made primarily of the artificial sweeteners.  The consumption and the usage … Read More»

Market Analysis of Autodealer

Marketing Final Protective- Asset Protection Division (APD) is a leader in Finance and Insurance products offered to consumers by Auto, RV, and Powersports Dealers.  For the purposes of this paper we will focus only on the Auto Dealer space. Those products include: Vehicle Service Contracts GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Credit Life & Accident and Heath Road … Read More»

Power Flow Studies Using MATLAB

Power Flow Studies Using MATLAB Executive Summary The report aims to show the differences between Newton-Raphson and Gauss-Seidel methods by using them to analyse a power flow system. During the study in a two-bus system, with a slack bus and PQ bus, two convergence tolerances were used. The case study 1 compares the iterative process … Read More»

Equation to Model a Cooling Cup of Coffee

MATHEMATICS SL Internal Assessment Mathematically Determining an Equation to Model a Cooling Cup of Coffee I. Introduction After having spent countless hours completing assignments and projects, I have too often found my coffee to be cold by the time I get around to drinking it. As a result, I began to question the reasoning behind … Read More»

Derivation and Geometry of the Catenary Curve

Mathematics SL Derivation and Geometry of the Catenary Curve Table of Contents Introduction 1 The Catenary Curve 1-2 Geometry and Defining Variables 3-5 Derivation 5-7 Application 8-9 Conclusion 9 Bibliography 9-10 Introduction ————————————————— My biggest interest has always been art and design. Both my brother and my dad work in construction which introduced me to … Read More»

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